High social impact business

Angel Investor, 20x Founder and Social Entrepreneur, 20 years of experience in 6 countries. High Impact Mentor/Advisor.


About me

Hello! If you’ve got this far and you still don’t know much about me, I invite you to watch this video where I share with you in a very personal, close and brief way my life story and my mission.

My name is Alvaro Miguel Cabrera, I was born in 1980, I am Venezuelan, husband, father of 2 children, athlete, hospital clown, serial entrepreneur of companies and social projects, High Impact Mentor!

From a very young age I knew that I could go as far as I wanted, with passion, discipline and perseverance.

My business career began formally at the age of 22, when I started my first company with great enthusiasm. As of 2008, I began a process of national and international expansion, with new challenges and projects, creating Grupo Alma (a holding company with presence in Latin America and Europe).

I am a passionate entrepreneur and innovator, faithfully committed to social causes, helping hundreds of people through Fundación Alma and To Help To. Because I am more than sure that a company is not only successful when it sells and is profitable, but also when it helps those who need it the most, especially its collaborators.

My mission is to inspire you to be an entrepreneur with purpose.


The way of doing business, working and even interacting with customers has changed and this will be continued. Companies around the world are facing a challenging scenario that requires new processes of transformation, adaptation and digitization.

My corporate holding “Grupo Alma” has been protagonist of the challenges we have faced during this new normal.

Grupo ALMA

Grupo Alma is a conglomerate of companies around Latin America. We work with passion and discipline to act as a team. An ethical, leading, innovative business group, focused on its employees and with social conviction.


At Famifarma we offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical products and services, medical-surgical equipment, hygiene products, skin care, miscellaneous and others for the different needs of our community.

Fundacion ALMA

“Fundación ALMA” is a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to helping children, youth and adults from the neediest sectors; We focus on the health, food and education system, with the contribution of our companies in Grupo ALMA.

Minialmacenes Oriente

“Mini Almacenes Oriente” offers you safe spaces in facilities suitable for storing your products or goods with the best location at the best price. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

Office Pro

Company dedicated to the financed sale and rental of multifunctional printers in Panama and Venezuela. It has a large inventory of office supplies and consumables.

To Help To

THT is an innovative, transparent, attractive and very cool Digital Social Platform focused on social solutions.


Year 2020 has been challenging for everyone and with a view to making 2021 a stage of growth and evolution, I want to offer you my advice on business, entrepreneurship or social impact.


These 18 years leading Grupo Alma have allowed me to travel a path of lessons, achievements and experiences that I want to use to help you with that plan you have in mind.

Why join me?

Because together I want us to find solutions for your business, ideas for your entrepreneurship or your social initiative, that we analyze your sales and above all, that we set challenging but possible goals to meet.⁣⁣